Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dumb Farmer

When I was younger, I used to hear the expression: 'Dumb Farmer'.
I could not figure out why a farmer was dumb. Now that I am a lot older I can certainly see the reason why there are a lot of dumb farmers in America.

What kind of a farmer would destroy the very land he is farming? That's the type of farmer who does not work with nature, but actually works against nature. That is the kind of farmer who fertilizes with chemicals and tries to control 'weeds with herbicides' and 'insects with insecticides.'

What kind of a farmer would actually dump poison on his own land?

A dumb farmer.

What king of a farmer would dump chemicals on his land?

A dumb farmer.

A dumb farmer is the kind of farmer who thinks it is too hard to study the natural way to farm so he takes the 'quick and dirty' way to produce crops. Little does he care that his produce is much inferior than those who work with nature. Little does he care that the nutrition in his crops cheats his customers out of much needed nutrition. Little does he care that the insecticides on his crops are causing cancer and all manner of disease to his customers as long as he can make money at it.

He is so dumb that in the process of feeding his plants chemicals instead of organic soil nutrition he is actually producing plants that are so inferior in health that their natural immune system is too low to protect themselves from diseases and insects...so the dumb farmer has to use more chemicals and insecticides to even produce a decent crop.

This continues on and on until his soil is nothing but useless dust with no top soil at all and the first drought that comes along, nothing is grown and he and his farm is totally destroyed. Anyone who declares war against nature 'will be destroyed' because they have refused to work with nature.

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