Monday, January 16, 2012

The Middle East Mess

What is really going on in the Middle East, anyway?

O.K., here is the truth.

In order to explain what is behind all these problems, I have to tell you about these man-gods and Jehovih.  It's a very long story which I have written in my book entitled:  'Looeamong Alias Christ', yet to be published.  Here is a brief summation.

Jehovih is the Creator of all humans.  After we die [get out of our bodies] we go on as spirit beings in the spirit world.  We go to schools, learn new things, have new experiences, new jobs, etc.  After many hundreds of years we advance to greater and greater responsibilities.

Eventually all of us become gods and lords over planets and parts of planets.  This happened to our planet just like it happens to all other planets and the universe is full of them.  In our case there were some lords who were supposed to be helping humans on earth deal with their problems but certain lords felt that Jehovih was just too gentle with humans and wanted to get a lot more aggressive....So basically they told Jehovih to 'kiss off' and decided to run the world their way.

They started off being 'buddy - buddy with each other' for awhile but eventually each one wanted to be the 'big cheese' over the whole earth and they started fighting each other for world domination.

Looeamong renamed himself Christ and started the Christian religion.  He had a warrior general named Gabriel.  Looeamong told Gabriel that when the wars were over he, Looeamong, would give Gabriel his own kingdom.  Well, after the wars were over, Looeamong double crossed Gabriel and just ignored him.  This really pissed off Gabriel and so he decided to start his own religion, Islam, called himself Allah and swore to destroy Looeamong and all Christians and Jews too.  Jews used to be Israelites [worshiped Jehovih] but they double crossed Jehovih and decided to call Jehovih a man-god instead of the Great Spirit. 

The Muslim leaders in Iran believe that their Saviour, the twelfth Imam, will only come if Israel is destroyed.  The Iranian leaders made a big mistake when they told the world that they were going to destroy Israel.  Now the United States is determined to keep Iran from getting the atomic bomb.

If war breaks out between the U.S. and Iran, will China and/or Russia get involved?  I don't think so.  All they will lose will be a source of oil and getting themselves 'blown to hell' over oil doesn't make sense.

Hopefully, Israel and the U.S. will find a different way to stop Iran.

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