Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What is a Faithist?

A Faithist is a person who believes that the Creator of the Universe is a Great Spirit that 'fills all space' and that everything in creation is a part of Him, including us.  He considers humans his 'babes' that were created for eternal life. 

We do not have to bow down to any man-god for eternal life because it is already our birthright.  As a result of this there is NO eternal damnation.  Our Heavenly Father would never allow any man-god to do such a thing to anybody, period.  Man-gods threaten people with eternal damnation to scare them into worshiping them.

Man-gods started all other religions except the Faithist religion which includes the Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist religions.

A Faithist believes that the Creator is NOT in the shape of a man but that all men and women are a part of Him including everything else in the universe.

A Faithist is a person who believes that all religions [except the Faithist religion] were started by 'high raised spirits' who rebelled against the Creator and started all other religions that have been warring against the Creator and each other for thousands of years.

The Faithist religion is the first religion ever taught to man and all other religions came after that.

Look at the world right now.  Look at all the trouble these man-god religions are causing even now.  Because of the religious conflicts going on in the middle east, we could have a third world war.

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