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To begin this post, 'I am not homophobic' but there is no way I would ever have a close relationship with any homosexual. Why? Because I am not that liberal. I would also not have a close relationship with any other sexual deviate from what is normal as spelled out in Oahspe.

Jehovih created only two sexes, male and female so that they can reproduce...that's all. All other sexual deviations are not normal and are caused by forces contrary to His will.

Here is what Jehovih says about this:

Book of Jehovih

Chapter 5

(Note: In this chapter Jehovih shows that evolution is false.)

1. MAN perceived the magnitude and glory of the corporeal worlds. He said, How shall I speak of Thy great works, O Jehovih, and of Thy wisdom and power! Shall I open my mouth before Thee! I look upon Thy countless stars, suns and moons, spread out over the heavens! The millions of years Thou hast rolled them on in the never-ending firmament! Processions in and out, and round about, of mighty worlds! By Thy breath going forth!

2. O Thou, All Highest! How shall I hide my insignificance! I cannot create the smallest thing alive! Nay, nor change the color of a hair on my head. What am I, that Thou has seen me?

3. Tell me, O my Creator, whence came life? This unseen within me that is conscious of being? Tell me how all the living came into life.

4. Jehovih heard the words of man and He answered him saying: Let a sign be given to man that he may comprehend se'mu. Thereupon Jehovih caused the jelly fish and the green scum of water to be permanently coming forth in all ages, that man might understand the age of se'mu, when the earth and the shores by the water, and the waters also, were covered over with commingled atmosphere and corporeal substance. And this substance was called se'mu, because by Jehovih's presence quickened He it into life, and thus made He all the living, both the vegetable and animal worlds. Not that se'mu is jelly-fish or the green scum of water; for the earth in this day produceth not se'mu abundantly; nevertheless the jelly-fish and the green scum of water are signs of that which was in that day of the earth.

5. Jehovih said: Because of My presence quickened I into life all that live, or ever have lived.

6. Because I am male and female, even in my likeness, thus made I them. Because I am the power to quicken into life, so, in likeness of Me thus, made I them, and with power to bring forth.

7. According to their respective places created I the living; not in pairs only, but in hundreds of pairs and thousands, and in millions.

(Note: This proves that the creation story in the Christian bible is false.)

8. According to their respective places and the light upon se'mu, so quickened I them in their color, adapted to their dwelling places.

9. Each and every living thing created I new upon the earth, of a kind each to itself; and not one living thing created I out of another.

10. Let a sign be upon the earth, that man in his darkness may not believe that one animal changeth and becometh another.

11. Thereupon Jehovih gave permission for different animals to bring forth a new living animal, which should be unlike either its mother or father, but he caused the new product to be barren.

(Note: The mule.)

12. Jehovih said: And this shall be testimony before all men that I created each and all the living, after their own kind only.

13. Such is My person and My spirit, being from everlasting to everlasting; and when I bring a new world into the time of se'mu, lo and behold my presence quickeneth the substance into life; according to the locality and the surroundings, so do I bring forth the different species; for they are flesh of My flesh and spirit of My spirit. To themselves give I themselves; nevertheless, they are all members of My Person.

14. As a testimony to man, behold the earth was once a globe of liquid fire! Nor was there any seed thereon. But in due season I rained down se'mu on the earth; and by virtue of my presence quickened I into life all the living. Without seed created I the life that is in them.

(Note: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This proves that the chicken came first.)
So what does Oahspe say about homosexuality? This is the only thing I have found so far:
23. Oan (Panic).

Faith in man only. Sign, two men leaning against each other. Persons who have risen in intelligence, but not in Es (Spirituality).

Faith in man only. One who believes man is the highest of all things in the world. One who believes there is no person or thing of personality but man.

They being Oans indulged in ----, although they were men only, saying: There is none above us to see us or to command (Fus).

They said: Shall I not indulge in whatsoever I choose, being an Oan? (Chine.)

Onan, one whose philosophy is in his own conceit; and indulgence (Kii).

I do solemnly swear before this order, Oan, that I will never pray to, nor ejaculate to, nor of, nor for any person, save man; and especially not to the Gods nor Lords of heaven, nor to the Unknown, and Imperishable. (Rite of Sodom.)

Ho'an, that that leads to Ugh'sa, particularly lust. The impulse of the flesh they called the highest, M'oa (Gau).

A'su of old, saying: Is not all indulgence my heritage? (Miac.)

They fell from industry and decency, saying: We shall have no forms nor rites, being free. And they became the prey of spirits of idleness and lust, who feast on sinful mortals (Egypt).

Spirits of lust came to the Onans and reclothed themselves in mortal forms and indulged in lust with them, and Moses forbade them from coming amongst his people. (Aribania.)

The Cow'ans said: Let us go stealthily to the tent of Moses and his priests and learn the secret of his spirit power. The Cow'ans said: Why shall man follow Moses? Are not the spirits who come to us as good as his? (Akia.)

Yo'anyi said: If I love meat I will eat meat; if I love strong drink I will have strong drink; if I love sexual indulgence then will I have sexual indulgence. Who can restrain me? Are not my desires well created? I should not deny them? (Vede.)

And the druks came upon the Yo'anyi, for their philosophy had divided them amongst themselves, one against another, and their progeny became Tur'anyi (Turanian).

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