Monday, December 26, 2011


A whore is a person who sells their body for money. It's a business and the more customers that person has and the more money they charge, the richer they get.

Now picture this:

In America we have what is called the military/industrial complex which includes military leaders who direct military operations and businesses that make things for warfare. This is a complex business relationship in that the military leaders need war so that they can 'do what they do' and they need businesses to make the stuff they need to fight those wars.

What is their worst fear? Their worst fear is that their services and businesses are no longer needed and they will lose their jobs and their businesses. They are terrified that peace will break out all over they world. So the military leaders will keep finding ways to keep the wars going so as to ensure job security. Who pays for this? The American people and they tell the American people that this is for national security and other high sounding 'so called' patriotic bullshit.

Either fight for your freedom or lose it.

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