Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Flat Earth Story

There has been a lot of discussion, on the web, this past year, about the flat earth concept.  I am going to give you "three reasons" where you can prove, that the flat earth story is FALSE and that the earth is indeed round.

The three reasons are: 1. SPIRITUAL
                                   2. LOGICAL
                                   3. FACTUAL

First, the SPIRITUAL reason.

As we look at celestial bodies, we see a round moon and a round sun.  Astronomers, even amateur astronomers are also seeing only round planets with telescopes.  No flat ones at all.  Since God made all these other round bodies, how come He 'supposedly' made ours' flat?  Did He run out of dirt, rocks, water, etc. and had to make our planet flat?  I don't think God is that stupid, so He made our planet round too.

Second, The LOGICAL reason.

It has been around 500 years since Ferdinand Magellan sailed around the world.  In all those years, thousands of other ships have sailed around the earth and thousands of aircraft have flown around the earth.  How come none of them mentioned a flat earth?  This includes the millions of passengers, on all those ships and planes.  Surely, they would have told stories of a flat earth, if it was so.  If the earth was flat, how come ships did not drop off into space, over the edge or bumped into a wall, that kept the water from dumping off into space.  How come all those people did not report a flat earth a long time ago?  Because the earth is NOT flat.  It is round.

Third, the FACTUAL reason.

I have, on the wall of my apartment, a large map of the world.  It shows, like most of the other world maps, North and South America on the left with Europe, Asia and Australia on the right.

Now, to prove that the world is round, I will simulate a flight around the world.  I will depart from Hawaii and return to Hawaii.  I will travel in an easterly direction only.

I will first fly to California, then I will fly to New York, then I will fly to England, then to Israel, then to India, then to the Philippines, then to the Marshall islands.

At this point, if the earth was flat, I would have to retrace all those flights, back to Hawaii in a westerly direction.

But, since the earth is NOT flat, I can look at a map of the Pacific ocean and I can see that I can fly, from the Marshall islands to Hawaii.  The earth is round.

Conclusion:  There is no doubt at all, that there is a concentrated effort, on the part of certain individuals, who are determined to dumb us all down, and make us think we are trapped on this dinky little planet, and can never travel throughout this whole Universe, that the Creator has given us.


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