Sunday, November 27, 2016

Who Wins Elections in America?

The person who wins any election in America, is decided by those who control the election process.  The people of America have very little control over that process, for the following reasons:

1.  The software in computers is very easy to program.

2.  Lots of devious stuff goes on, after the voting has happened, by those in charge of the tabulation, etc.

3.  Illegals have been allowed to pour into this country by the thousands to vote, lots of dead people are [climbing out of their graves]😄 and voting, people are allowed to vote as often as they want to, people are being bused across state lines to vote, etc. etc.

Right now, there is a recount, by the Clinton supporters, to see if they can get three red states, to turn blue.  If I were Trump, I would do the same thing right back to them and do recounts in all those states that are blue, where FRAUD is well known to be rampant, and get those blue states, turned red.  I would also get an army of lawyers and sue all those who are known to have manipulated this whole voting process from the beginning.

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