Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Basic Cause of Disease

In the past 20 years I have read over 100 books and hundreds of articles on health and I have discovered that all illness and disease are really caused by the 'same basic reason.'

When we were born (most of us) had a perfect little body that was very clean and we were healthy. As we grew up, that changed because of the food and liquids that was put into our bodies. If all of 'that' was the right kind of a diet, then we would still be very healthy. If not, then our health would suffer and so would we.

We were all created by God and since God is not stupid, he also created food for us to eat. God created fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, etc. as food for us. Then companies came along and took what God made, screwed it all up, processed all the nutrients out of it, put it in fancy packages, ran flashy TV adds on that stuff and people have left God and now worship companies much to their destruction.

Since God is our Creator, only He knows how to create food for our benefit and health. Companies will never be smarter than God so most foods made by companies do not belong in our bodies any more than kerosene belongs in our gas tank.

God also made herbs for us for medicine but drug companies came along and created drugs for us and since they will never be smarter than God, we will never get well using drugs. Why is this so? Because drugs are unnatural and the human body will treat drugs as dangerous invaders. Drugs will never make us well and are not made for that purpose anyway because if the drug companies could actually heal us, that would put them out of business. Do you think they are going to do that?

Think of our bodies as containers filled with the good and bad things put into it. Now, the only way we can ever be healthy is to get 'all the bad stuff out' and start 'putting good stuff in.'

When we eat food, it passes through our bodies and is processed so that all nutrients, that the body can use, is removed and delivered to the cells. The rest is sent to the colon for final removal from our bodies. The colon cannot completely clean itself especially since our diets are usually far from perfect.

There is 'very great disagreement' on this subject and most doctors DO NOT want you to find any natural way to help yourself, because that takes business away from them.

There are many different ways to clean the colon, but water, in the form of enemas and colonics will always be the most natural way.

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