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Jesus Christ: A Shocking Discovery


We worshiped every night in our home. We went to Sunday School and then regular service on Sunday morning.  We then went to church on Sunday evening. Then there was Wednesday evening prayer service.  Every single Wednesday evening there was always an alter call for church members to come down to the front of the church and rededicate their lives to Christ.  There was always a lot of talk about "backsliders", people they thought weren't living the way they should.

Actually, it was just those preachers afraid a person would start thinking on their own, would leave the church and he would lose a source of income.

On top of all that, every summer there was a camp meeting were there was preaching and singing and worship for two solid weeks AND at any given time during the year they would also have REVIVALS where there would be some worshiping for several days.  Remember, the more often these preachers can get you into their churches, the more often they can pass around their collection plates.

Every single church is nothing but a 'Religion Store' where some guy is selling you his brand of religion.  Instead of giving those guys my money to hear their preaching, I bought books and did my own research.  Very few Christians actually know who started their religion and just where their Bible came from.

It was forbidden in our home to ever place ANYTHING on top of the family Bible.  It was forbidden to do anything that was not in the Bible.  As I grew into my teens I wanted to know about other things besides what was in the Bible, so I started to read anything I could get my hands on.  This really upset some members of my family.  To make a long story short, as the years went on, I basically went my own way which was completely contrary to the way I was raised.  I had not seen one of my sisters in over 40 years and then I got a Christmas card from her.

Following is what I wrote back:
Dear Sis:

The last time I remember seeing you was when you were driving me back from Grand Rapids many years ago. I told you that I did not want to discuss religion and you said that you didn't either.  But now, I guess you DO want to bring up the religion issue, since you sent me a Christmas card.  I am not saying this as criticism, only that I think you might like to know what I have discovered, in all these years, researching religion.

When I was about sixteen I was reading about reincarnation.  When Beckie found out about that, she told me I should not read about reincarnation because it wasn't in the Bible.  I told her that she watched TV and that wasn't in the Bible.

If I tried to tell you everything I have learned, it would fill a large book, but I will include some articles I have written and you can also check out my primary website [] that has links to my other websites.  I have also written four books, two published and two more I need to publish.

After reading the Christian Bible, the Koran, the Edgar Cayce Readings, Oahspe and numerous other books, this is some of what I have learned:

The Creator of the Universe is named Jehovih (which your Bible spells Jehovah).  Jehovih is a Great Spirit, like the American Indians worshiped, Who fills all space and is endless. Everything is INSIDE of Jehovih and everything is a part of Him, even us.  That is why He is called the ALL PERSON.

People who can understand this are called Faithists and those who cannot understand this are called Uzians.

Jehovih never had a beginning and He will never have an end and since we were created by Him, we will live forever also.  That is what Jehovih says.  Nobody has to worship 'any god' to have eternal life because we were created with that ability in the first place.  Since Jehovih is our Creator and our Heavenly Father, why would He let any lying false god destroy what He has created?

When humans die, they go on to learn many things in the spirit world and get smarter and are given greater responsibilities and eventually become Gods and Lords in the spirit world.  On this planet [which is only one of unlimited trillions where humans dwell] there were Lords under Jehovih whose responsibility it was to rule over and help humans develop spiritually.  They decided that Jehovih was "too easy going" on humans on earth and decided to rebel against Him and take over the earth for themselves.  They did this thousands of years ago and that is the reason there are so many religions on earth today.

Oahspe is a book that was written by God Himself and is a history book going back over 74,000 years and tells all about these lords who rebelled against Jehovih who are called man-gods and false gods.  They used terrorism against humans in order to enslave their minds when they threatened to throw anybody in hell who did not fall down and worship them.

When children are raised in such a religion, it is almost impossible for them to ever break away from the way they were raised.  I was in hell in the Christian religion and was desperate to prove that Christ was NOT what he said he was, just to get free of him, and I did.  I could give you numerous examples of the contradictions in the Bible, but I will only give you two.

1. Christ is supposed to be the 'Prince of Peace' but that is not true.

Even he says:  Ref: St Matthew, Chapter 10, Verse 34-36
"Think not that I come to send peace on earth:
I come not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set
a man at variance against his father, and the daughter
against her mother, and the daughter in law against her
mother in law. And a man's foes shall be they of his own
Does that sound like the Prince of Peace? 

2. Christ is supposed to be a Savior of all mankind but that isn't what he says. According to him, he is a ruler and a killer. (Luke 19:27)

 "But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me."

Another reason why Oahspe is more reliable than all other religious books is because all Oahspes have been printed on a printing press. I actually have a copy of the original manuscript of Oahspe that was written by God before being printed in a book.

There are stories in the Christian Bible that are in Oahspe too.  The story about Moses (who was one of Jehovihs' Great Leaders Forth) is in Oahspe.  What your Bible says about Moses is pretty close.  The biggest difference was the fact that Moses did NOT kill anybody, including that Egyptian.  But most of the plagues are in Oahspe and Jehovih DID part the Red Sea so his people could escape Pharaoh's army and Jehovih closed the Red Sea on those soldiers.

Hells are created by false gods so that they can throw their enemies in there but nobody is burned.  They are thrown into a large area surrounded by walls of flaming fire, so that those spirits cannot escape and then poisonous gases are thrown in there to torment those spirits.

The Great Flood in your Bible is plain wrong about Noahs' Ark.  That is a silly story that never happened.  What really happened was:  Many thousands of years ago, there was a very large continent in the Pacific Ocean area named Pan.  All those Islands in the Pacific Ocean are the tops of mountains and Japan was a part of Pan also, hence the name.

The people on that continent were very sick and evil. Jehovih decided to sink the whole continent beneath the ocean and only save those who served him.  So he told the good people on that continent to build large rafts, store all manner of provisions on them and get ready for the continent to be sunk beneath the waters.

A God named Aph, in the Arc of Noe, was the one in charge of this operation.  Aph is one of Jehovihs' Gods, not a false god like Looeamong alias Christ.  As the earth and our solar system, traverses through space, in an orbit of our galaxy, it goes through arcs of 3000 years each.  As the story was passed down through the centuries, the story of 'Noah and his Ark' evolved. When the continent was sunk, the rafts floated away and Jehovih sent winds to blow these rafts to several different continents.  The people who died in that flood, had their spirits rescued by millions of Jehovihs' angels and taken to a heavenly plateau for healing.

As I said, Oahspe was written by God, not Jehovih.  Jehovih does not write books.  Jehovih creates worlds without end. People live on other planets the same as we do here on earth and some aliens have been visiting earth for thousands of years. There are aliens living on earth at the present time. Most of them are trying to keep us from blowing up this planet with our atomic weapons.  If we do that, it will have a very serious impact on every other planet in our galaxy.  They consider us very stupid to fall down and worship such evil gods and have such evil religions.

They have knowledge that is so far advanced from us, we are like morons to them.  They would gladly give us the technology to travel anywhere in the universe we wanted to go to, but our leaders would just use that knowledge to kill more people in some damn war.

The God we have over earth now will hold that position for 3000 years and then another God will be in that position for the next 3000 years and so on.  These Gods, hundreds of years ago, were once humans on some planet in the Universe.  So, some day, far in the future, you will also have a job over some planet in the Universe that hasn't even been created yet.

Some of the other books I have read are:
"Encyclopedia of Gods" (Over 2,500 Deities of the World)
Merriam-Webster's "Encyclopedia of World Religions"
 "Misquoting Jesus" by Bart D. Ehrman

He studied at three Christian colleges [Moody - Wheaton - Princeton] concerning the search for the original Christian writings dating back hundreds of years and he found out that all of these documents had been changed hundreds of times and there is NO WAY anybody knows what Jesus really said.  The first printed copies of the Bible didn't come along until the 1450's after the Gutenberg press was invented.  Before that, all copies of scripture was done by scribes by hand.  They made changes all the time because they disagreed about religion just as much then, as now.
"Constantine's Sword" by James Carrol

When Constantine established Christianity in Rome, he, his soldiers and followers slaughtered thousands of those who would not accept Christ as their god, especially Jews and pagans.  This is backed up by other books I have read including Oahspe.

Here is a direct quote from this book, page 233:

[That the first organized murderers of Jews carried the cross of Jesus Christ on their shields has shamed the Christian conscience wherever it has learned the story.]
"The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors" by Kersey Graves

Christians who think Christ is the only "so called Savior" ever to be on earth, should read this book.
The false gods, sent to earth, 49 saviors.  Here is a direct quote form Oahspe:

GOD'S BOOK OF ESKRA, Chapter 38, verses 15-17:

"Thereupon a coalition was entered into by the three Tribunes to give to mortals forty-nine Saviors, in order to establish the Trinity.  Which labor should be accomplished withing 200 years.  And it was also stipulated, that the whole forty-nine Saviors should be put to death ignominiously in order to win mortal sympathy."  I was able to find every single one of these Saviors, doing a search online.  Sixteen of these Saviors were crucified.
"The Christ" by John E. Remsberg

This book is absolutely stuffed with numerous contradictions in the Bible and proves that the story about Jesus is pure fiction, which is what Oahspe says also.  BUT Oahspe says there is a Christ who is one of the man-gods whose real name is Looeamong.  He called himself Christ because it was a name that humans on earth worshiped.
"The Jesus Mysteries" by T. Freke & P. Gandy

They offered proof that Jesus is a fictional character and never existed.  Pagans worshiped a 'son of god' for centuries before the Jesus story ever came along.  "The Greatest Story Ever Told" is just that, a story.
"The Age of Reason" by Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine shows that the Christian Bible is mostly a work of fiction, distortions, contradictions, etc.  There is very little actual history in that Bible.  America was founded by Jehovih as a free Nation. The main persons He sent to America to accomplish this mission were Thomas Paine, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and all of the other Founding Fathers to make sure this Nation had religious freedom.

Christ did his best to ruin what Jehovih was trying to do, but failed.  Jehovih also made sure the colonists won the war against England and He also made sure the North won the American Civil war because He was against slavery.
 "History of the First Council of Nice" by Dean Dudley-1886 AD

If anybody wants to know where Jesus was really born (actually created), they should read this book.  When Constantine was the Emperor of Rome, it was the policy of the Romans to allow the people of those conquered nations to worship the god of their choice.  However, there were factions of these various religions that were causing the Romans a lot of trouble.  That is when Constantine decided to have only one god and all the others banished.

In 325 AD he called a council of 1800 bishops together to settle this matter.  After much arguing and bickering and eventually voting over and over, they decided to pick Christ as their god and [at that time] picked iesu, later change to Jesus, as the ideal man.  They then took the numerous stories, of various saviors, in past history and concocted the scriptures of the New Testament of today.  So Jesus never existed and Christ is the alias of Looeamong who was actually IN CHARGE of this whole spectacle, from his throne, in his Heavenly Kingdom.

Church leaders tried to destroy all evidence of these proceedings but through archeological excavation and letters between the participants, the whole story has been pieced together.  Though numerous researchers down through history have tried to prove that there was an historical Jesus, who did all the things the scriptures has said of him, no evidence has been found to verify his previous existence.
You probably don't believe a word I have written here, but that is what happens to people who have been raised a certain way and do not have the mental strength or desire to learn about anything else.

Your brother:

Donald Richard Ballard

P.S. Now. suppose I am wrong and you are right and your Christ throws me in hell forever, to burn throughout all eternity.  Are you still going love and serve and sing praises to your god?

If so, then you are just as evil as the god that you serve.

If you want to know what Jehovih did to Christ, read:  "JEHOVIH JUDGETH THE FALSE GODS AND GODDESSES" after He threw Christ AND his worshipers in hell for awhile.

What this all boils down to is this:  When you make a mess, YOU have to clean it up and you cannot push it off on anyone else, who says they have died for your sins, which is a lie.  You pay for your own screw ups, PERIOD.  Do you want Christ to pay your credit card debt too?
Now, what will happen to you if I am right?

I don't know.  That is none of my business.

Even though Jehovih is the Creator, we actually have our own God which is like a little Jehovih which is actually our own conscience.  This conscience of ours is the only God we will ever know.  As we develop mentally and spiritually our concept of Jehovih will increase forever.

What Oahspe does say about Christians is that when they die and they go about looking for Jesus, some evil spirit will pretend to be Jesus and enslave them for as long as it takes them to wise up and kick him out of their lives.

It gets even more complicated than that.  When anybody dies, they can go into the spirit world subjectively or objectively.  If it's subjectively, you would be living in some dream world, created by your own God, especially for you only.  In this state, you will not know it is subjective.  If it's objectively, then you would be living in a real world state where everything is natural and is the actual world.  The same thing happens to us now.  When we are asleep, we are in the subjective world, when awake, the objective world.

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