Saturday, April 13, 2013

Stupid Signs

Stupid Sign 'Number One'

One of the most stupid signs in existence today is the one in public restrooms which say that employees must wash their hands before leaving the restroom. This sign is also a subtle hint to all customers also, even though the sign doesn't actual say so. Not that it's a bad idea to wash your hands, it just doesn't solve the dirty hand problems at all.  As soon as the employees start to leave the restrooms, they must turn the door knob, which is filthy with germs from other persons' hands that have done the same thing.

The dirtiest things around is what other people have put their hands on.  Grocery cart handles are extremely dirty with germs.  What about money that is handled by thousands, maybe millions of people.  Even credit cards, debit cards, billfolds, purses, steering wheels, gear shifts, radio knobs, telephones, cell phones, lap tops, computers, railings and on and on.

It's impossible to avoid germs entirely.  That is the reason why the smartest thing you can do is to wash your hands BEFORE handling any food items, before eating food or putting your hands near your mouth, like when you floss your teeth.  It has been proven that the average computer has far more germs that the average toilet seat.

Stupid Sign 'Number Two'

Another stupid sign is the one that says, "Don't Walk on The Grass".  This sign is almost always there because people have been walking on the grass and made a path, so that is the reason the sign was put there.  A much smarter sign would say. "Walk on the Grass, Not On a Path."

Stupid Signs 'Number Three and Four"

This business of "Men Bashing" was very popular among the feminist movement a few years ago to the point when non-feminist women began writing books and articles showing how stupid that practice really was.  It got so bad that signs began appearing in public "Unisex" restrooms that would harass men with a sign that said, "Put The Toilet Seat Down When You Finish" and "We Aim to Please so You Watch Your Aim Too."

As far as what these women do in restrooms...I had a janitors' job once in a large organization and what SOME of these women do with their sanitary napkins, definitely is NOT sanitary at all.

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