Thursday, March 3, 2011

Imagine That

The present day doctor, who pushes drugs to treat you with, does not know 'Jack Shit' about nutrition...not one damn thing. Why? Because the evil school they go to, does NOT teach anything that is normal and natural. In order for you to get well, your body DOES NOT NEED DRUGS....PERIOD...end of discussion.

Any fool should know that, let alone any person who considers themselves half way intelligent. Your body needs food to survive and be healthy...NOT DRUGS.

I have done massive research on health. I have read well over 100 books on health and healing and I just ordered four more. I have read hundreds of articles on health and read several every day.

Now, for the past umpteen years there has been this big argument about how much Vitamin D the average person needs. Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin. Whenever the sun hits your skin, it starts to produce vitamin D. If you do not get much sunshine you definitely better take Vitamin D for many health reasons.

I was told over ten years ago that if I did not take vitamin D, I would go blind. So I have been taking it ever since. But, the whole argument between our %#&$@ government and the natural health people has been, how much to take.

Because of all the research I have done I have been on 8000 IU every day for a long time. I have a landlord who would not eat egg yolks because of his fear of cholesterol. I have had numerous dreams I could eat all the eggs I wanted to and should eat them for many health reasons because egg yolks have Vitamin D. Guess what? My landlord is almost blind because he did not get enough Vitamin D in his body and would not eat any greens like spinach, cabbage, kale. parsley, etc. which,

if you don't, you will go blind too.

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