Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Situation In Egypt... going from bad to worse. There are people who are against Mubarack fighting Mubarack supporters, the Army that is being paid by Mubarack, is telling everybody to go home, there is the Muslim Brotherhood, that wants to rule Egypt with religion, while there are those who want a secular government.

Mubarack is essentially all through. No matter WHO he appoints to take his place, this will not be the answer. The smartest thing Mubarack could ever do is to hold honest elections and let the people decide who will rule. I don't think he will do that and Egypt could easily implode into total anarchy infecting the whole Arab world while Israel cowers in total fear.

All of this was predicted in Oahspe but very few people care what the Creator thinks. They just chase after their own man-gods that they were raise to worship.

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