Thursday, February 3, 2011

You Are Not Going To Believe...

...what I am about to tell you , but I will tell you anyway. The Constitution of the United State of America very specifically says that there will be three branches of our government: The Executive Branch (President) the Legislative Branch (Congress) and the Judicial Branch (Supreme Court) and that is all.

But, guess what? We really have another branch of government which is 'illegal as hell' and it has been fucking up our nation for many years. What you say! That's not true.

Oh yes it is.

First of all, let me ask you a question. If you had some method of making a lot of money and your neighbor ask you to give that to him and in return he would loan you all the money you wanted, for a certain amount of interest, would you do that? And of course, unless you are an idiot, you would say, 'Hell no, I am not stupid.'

Well, in that case, our government is just plain stupid, because:

Our Constitution very plainly says that our government is responsible for creating money and not somebody else. BUT, in 1913, our government actually GAVE away it's job of creating money to a PRIVATE BANK, named that bank the Federal Reserve Bank and so created the fourth Branch of our Federal Government.

If you think that is bad, listen to this:

The same year, because they had to borrow from the FED, they had to pay interest on that borrowed money so....guess what...they then stated collecting income taxes from the American people to pay that interest to the FED.

Pretty good setup for the FED, wasn't it?

But it sure screwed the American people.

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