Sunday, January 22, 2017

Let's Eat The Rich?

We hear a lot of talk, among poor people, that think they can survive, by just getting money from rich people.  If all the rich people had to give all their money to poor people, it would not be long before all the rich people would be poor too.

A good illustration here, is what actually happened in early America.

There was this Indian who wanted to be like the white man and start his own business, raising cattle and selling them for a profit.  He bought a bull and two heifers.

Some Indian friends of his, saw what he had, and told him they were hungry and that he should kill one of the heifers to help them out. 

This made the owner feel guilty, so he did as they wanted.

After this food ran out, his friends "again" told the owner to kill another heifer and later told him, to kill the bull.

Now that all this food is gone, "everybody" is poor and hungry.

The point in this story, is that these Indians knew full well, how to go hunt for their own food, but were too lazy, to do so.

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