Sunday, December 22, 2013

Duck Dynasty and Freedom of Speech

If we are going to have freedom of speech in America, it should apply to everyone.  We are all different and we should have the right to OPENLY voice our opinion on anything or anybody we choose.  What is beginning to happen is that those in power are becoming more and more dangerous in trying to stop people from speaking their minds.  Many people here in America have been killed just because they opposed those in power. 

There has been a real conflict brewing for a long time between Christians and homosexuals.  I was raised a Christian but I don't give a damn what a persons' sexual choices are.  What is that to me?  Nothing.  But there are millions of Christians who hate homosexuals and talk about that a lot.  This really pisses off the homosexuals.  So down through this whole controversy the homosexuals have been doing everything they can to condemn Christianity and Christians.

I am now a Faithist.  My Bible is Oahspe.  Now what does The Creator of the Universe say about homosexuals.  Well, they are called Oans and they 'do deviate' from the normal creation.  Jehovih does not create any sexual deviation from what is normal for procreation.  All sexual deviations are caused by numerous different reasons but the main cause is when a spirit reincarnates into an opposite sex's body.

I am glad to see all these conflicts come out in the open so that people can get their gripes out in the public arena for discussion.

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