Friday, October 4, 2013

Unforgivable Sin

After reading the Bible, the Koran, the Edgar Cayce Readings, Oahspe and numerous other religious books and articles, I have come to know that all sins can eventually be overcome and forgiven except one.  That means that there is an Unforgivable Sin which is: 

When any person convinces any other person or persons that there is no God and/or eternal life and as a result, that person or persons loses their eternal life, then forever it will be a black mark against the offenders' soul, because once a person loses their existence, there is no way that person can be brought back into life.

In the Christian bible it says that saying anything against the Holy Ghost is unforgivable but that is not true at all.  This has been totally debunked by Oahspe, the only book God ever wrote.  The Holy Ghost was an insulting term Christ used when referring to Jehovih, Creator of worlds without end.  Christ was only one of several man-gods that tried to take over the earth.  That is the reason we have so many religions on earth today.

If you fall down and worship any of  them, you will get just what you deserve...enslavement to them.  Christ said he goes to prepare a place for you and he sure did and you will be stuck there until you figure out how to escape.  Believe me.  If you would ever learn the truth about Christ you would run from him like a rabbit runs from a wolf.

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