Sunday, October 16, 2011

Two Black Guys

I am the manager of a four unit apartment complex, on an acre of land in a mixed neighborhood. I have been here for over 22 years and I have had some pretty interesting experiences with the black people living around here.

One day I was working in the front lawn and a black guy came up to me on a bike and told me he was looking for odd jobs. He gave me his name and phone number and asked me to call him if I could use him around this place. I told him I had plenty of help right then but would give him a try if I ran short of help.

About five years later I saw him drive by in a late model Ford 150 with a sign on the side of his truck which read 'Sammy's Work Force' with a phone number.

About a year after that as I was coming out of a grocery store, a another black guy came up to me and asked for a handout. He said he had been in that parking lot all day long trying to raise enough money to feed his family of a wife and four kids.

I gave him some money and left. I thought to myself that if he had spent that day knocking on people's doors looking for odd jobs, he no doubt would have earned plenty of money to feed his family.

In all these years I have had lots of black people, males and females, looking for a chance to work for me and also beg from me. Many females were those with kids to feed and females who were prostitutes.

[I never purchased what 'they' were selling].

Which type of person do you think these people were:

1. Conservative or Liberal?
2. Republican or Democrat?
3. Capitalist or Socialist?
4. Independent or Dependent?
5. Entrepreneur or Beggar?
6. Builder or Destroyer?

Which type of person do you think will build a great America and which type do you believe will destroy America?

Which type are you?

The only wealth that will ever be created by anyone is a capitalist. If capitalism is destroyed by too much taxation, too many regulations, too many liberals, too many democrats, too many socialists, too many dependents, too many beggars and too many destroyers then everybody will starve to death because there will be no businesses or jobs for anybody.

Anybody is a capitalist that tries to start a business just like a kid who sells lemonade from a lemonade stand and when that kid has too much business to handle by himself and he pays the neighbor kid to help out, he just gave him a job.

Squashing kids like that because of some stupid city regulation and you destroy another future businessman.

Governments do not create jobs, capitalists create jobs. Governments take money from people who have money and give that to other people. When governments take too much money from people 'who have money' it destroys the governments' source of income.

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