Monday, September 12, 2011

The Rapist

There was this guy, who raped a bunch of females and after he had done that, he thought to himself that those females had his semen, so he hired a bunch of crooked lawyers and sued those females for having his semen and a crooked liberal judge awarded the rapist a bunch of money to compensate him.

There is this company named Monsanto that developed a special seed that was supposed to keep the bugs off the plants and be able to tolerate all kinds of poisonous herbicides and insecticides and got a patent on those seeds.

When those seeds were planted the pollen would drift into other farmers' crops and would contaminate the other farmers' plants. When Monsanto found out that this had happened they got a bunch of crooked lawyers to sue those infected farmers in front of a crooked liberal judge and the judge awarded Monsanto millions of dollars to compensate Monsanto because their plants had infected other farmers' crops.

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