Friday, May 13, 2011

Stupid Professors

A professor is nothing more than a person who learned what they know from other people and books. So why go 'tens of thousands of dollars in debt' when you can just teach yourself. This is a direct quote from that has an upcoming
hour-long documentary called the 'College Conspiracy'. Sign up to view this video free.


We need to begin teaching our youth from a very early age that the key to having a successful career is not attending college, but is thinking outside of the box. Since it is now possible to acquire used college textbooks for practically nothing, instead of getting deeply into debt to attend college for a degree that is worthless because everybody else has one, students should acquire college textbooks in the field of their choice and begin reading them. Students who are motivated with a strong desire to build a successful career can self-educate themselves. Most college professors failed to make a living in the field that they teach, which is why they became professors. Therefore, students are not missing out on anything by not having a professor there to teach them the same information they can learn on their own.

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